These red, white, and blue layered treats will be the "star" of the party! Just a few extra steps turn regular Rice Krispy treats into the perfect 4th of July snacks.

This caterpillar cake is perfect for any spring party. Use one cupcake for each guest.

Breadsticks aren't Irish, but they do taste good with beer and corned beef. Shape them into shamrocks and sprinkle them with green sugar or salt and they are a tasty St. Patrick's Day treat.

Add green and shamrocks to make everybody's favorite treat into a perfect St. Patrick's Day dessert.

A banana tattoo is a unique way to send a message.

Pretzels are fun to make and easy to shape into letters or hearts. Make they for Valentine's Day and add a sweet message to a delicious treat.

Need a quick Valentine's Day breakfast? These heart shaped grilled blueberry sandwiches are a perfect choice.

Use stencils and colored sugar to make pretty heart cupcakes. Then mix up a quick, edible dough and make romantic rosebud cupcakes.

Use rubber stamps and food coloring to make these black and white cupcakes.

Make these easy, no-bake treats for a Valentine's Day treat. These mints are a sweet way to say "I love you!"

Give your cupcakes Thanksgiving flair with these little Pilgrim hats.

Making a cookie into a "lollipop" is an easy way to add fun and pizzazz to cookie baking.

Cute and tasty, these little turkeys are a perfect fall craft. Use popcorn balls for the bodies and make the tails and heads with candy.

A few extra touches turn a classic popcorn ball into a tasty and scary Halloween treat!

If you love gingerbread houses, don't wait until Christmas to get out your cookie cutters and frosting. Make a cute haunted house for Halloween. It is just as fun and just as delicious!

Homemade ice cream - a perfect summer treat. It's quick and easy, too!

Hollow out a pineapple and use it as a fruit bowl. It is a lovely way to present cut fruit!

Make the treats in colors and shapes to match the seasons or upcoming holidays and then enjoy eating them!

If you like baking, cookie bouquets are a tasty gift!

These chocolate cookies have a peanut butter surprise inside! This is a perfect way to use up extra Peanut Butter moulding dough or extra peanut butter play-dough.

These tasty turkeys are made with cookies, candy, and frosting. Kids love making this Thanksgiving craft almost as much as they enjoy eating it when it is finished.

Who can resist homemade chocolate cookies? And this version comes with a lovely cookie jar.

This pair of popcorn snowmen will add a cute touch to your holiday table.

Completely edible! Roses have never been so delicious!

These popcorn balls are a perfect treat for fall.

A tasty craft! Delicious on their own, or cute on top of cupcakes!

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