Pinecone Birdfeeder

These little bird feeders are inexpensive and easy.  You can make just one or make many and use them to decorate an outdoor Christmas tree.  Kids will like to help make the feeders and then watch for the birds that will come to nibble.  Large pinecones with rather open spars will work best.  If you buy the pinecones from a craft store make sure they are not treated with any chemicals that might harm the birds.

You will need:

1.  A large pinecone

2.  Peanut butter

3.  Birdseed mix for wild birds

4.  A piece of ribbon or yarn

 A birdfeeder made with a pinecone hangs from a tree
 Peanut butter on the edges of the pinecone 1.  Use a butter knife or your finger to dab peanut putter onto the edges of the pinecone.
 The feeder with the seed sprinkled on so that it sticks to the peanut butter 2.  Put the pinecone on a plate or large piece of paper.  Sprinkle on the birdseed.  Any seeds that don't stick can be poured back into the bag for later use.
 A piece of blue ribbon in added to serve as a hanger for the bird feeder. 3.  Tie a piece of ribbon or yarn around the top of the pinecone.  Hang it outdoors and enjoy the little birds that will come to feed!

Recreational birdwatching is a relatively new pastime, becoming popular in the 1900s.  People have observed and even hunted and collected rare birds for many years, and no doubt, even our oldest ancestors would pause to watch large birds of prey soar or to listen to the chirping of a song bird. 


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