4th of July Lanterns

String these lanterns along your patio or across a wall.  They are quick and easy to make and all you need is paper, scissors, and glue.  You can use rectangles or squares of any size to make the lanterns, depending on how big you want the finished lantern to be. 

You will need:

Red, white, and blue paper


Glue or tape

String (for hanging the lanterns up)

Lantern decorations
Cutting the lantern

Step 1.  Cut the lanterns.

Fold the paper rectangle in half lengthwise.  Starting from the folded edge of the paper, make cuts that go up the paper, almost to the other side, forming a row of tabs.  Put the tabs about a half inch apart for a small lantern or an inch apart for a large lantern.

Making the paper into a lantern

Step 2.  Glue the lantern together.

Open the paper.  Bring the ends together so the paper makes a cylinder.  Glue, tape, or staple the end together.

The finished lantern

Step 3.  Add a handle.

Cut a small strip of paper to use as a handle.  Put one end on the inside of each side of the lantern.  Glue, tape, or staple them in place.

Lantern decorations

Step 4.  Hang the lanterns.

Keep making lanterns.  When you have enough, run a piece of string through the handles to hang them up.  You may want to tape them in place so they stay evenly spaced.

The 4th of July is an important celebration in the United States.  It is Independence Day!  But did you know that Congress actually resolved to declare independence from Great Britian on the 2nd of July?  A commitee headed by Thomas Jefferson then wrote the Declaration of Independence and congress voted to approve it on July 4th.


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