Salt dough is a classic!  It is easy to make and can be colored and shaped into fantastic creations.  Most salt dough can be dried to preserve artwork or wrapped in plastic and stored indefinitely for future play.   Best of all, there are so many wonderful varieties and projects!


Salt Dough Recipes

 Standard salt cough

1.  Easiest Salt Dough

With only three ingedients and no cooking, it is ready in minutes.

 Cooked salt dough

2.  Cooked Salt Dough

If you have a pot and a few extra minutes, cooked salt dough is silky smooth.

Purple and red cool-aid dough

3.  Kool-Aid Salt Dough

This dough uses Kool-Aid to add bright colors and a fruity scent .

4.  Cinnamon Dough

It has a rich, spicy scent, perfect for Christmas ornaments.

5.  Coffee Dough

This dough is fragrant and has a chunky texture.

Peanut butter dough

6.  Peanut Butter Dough

This dough is edible and has a sweet peanut buttery flavor.  Kids love it!   It doesn't harden like regular salt dough.



7.  Mint Dough

This edible dough has a sweet, minty flavor.  It's not very maleable, but good for using with cookie cutters or stamps.




 Salt Dough Projects

Salt Dough Bowl

Edible Dough Rose

Salt Dough Beads
Salt Dough Beads

Yellow, red, and white salt dough roses
Salt Dough Roses
A trinket box made from colored salt doughSalt Dough Trinket Box  



Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments A Santa Claus ornamentSanta Ornament Shell ornaments made from coffee doughCoffee Dough Shell Ornament



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