Handprint Art
Great Crafts for Toddlers

Handprint crafts are fun and useful.  They make fantastic cards or decorations.  You can make each craft using fingerpaints or you can trace handprints on paper, cut them out, and paste them in place.

A handprint sunflower.
Sunflower Handprint
A purple octopus made with a handprint.
Octopus Handprint
A red handprint heart
Handprint Heart
 A blue handprint bird on a nest
Nesting Bird
A handprint camel
Handprint Camel
 A handprint candle
 A bouquet of handprint tulips
Tulip Handprint
 A handprint tree with heart shaped flowers
Blossoming Tree
 Lilies made from paper handprints
Handprint Easter Lilies



A hand and footprint turkey
Turkey Handprint I
A handprint turkey
Turkey Handprint II
A feathered handprint turkey
Feathered Turkey Handprint



A wreath made from handprints
Handprint Christmas Wreath
A hand and footprint reindeer
Rudolph Handprint
A Santa Claus handprint ornament
Santa Claus Handprint Ornament


More Ideas

Footprint Crafts

A footprint money

A pink footprint monsterA yellow footprint whale

Fingerprint Art

Thumbprint ant
A fingerprint treeFingerprint balloons