Starched String Christmas Ornaments

Starched string ornaments are so beautiful and elegant that no one will believe they are homemade Christmas ornaments.  The method is simple.  Pins or shaped cardboard holds string in place while the string is starched with fabric stiffener.  When the fabric stiffener is dry,  remove the pins, and you are left with a lovely Christmas ornament to hang on your tree!

A starched string snowflake.
Lacy Snowflake Ornament
A Christmas ornament shaped like mittens made with starched stringCute Mittens Ornament A string ball ornament next to a Christmas tree.
String Ball Ornament
 A starched string spiral Christmas ornament
Spiral Christmas Ornament
 A starched string Christmas tree
Miniature Christmas Tree
A string ornament
Snowflake II
 An angel Christmas ornament.
Angel Christmas Ornament
 A starched string star homemade Christmas ornament
Star Christmas Ornament
 A homemade Christmas ornament shaped like a spider web.
Spider Web Ornament

Romantic Heart Ornament

Rustic Twine Ball Ornament