Upcycled Crafts and Green Crafts

Repurposing items is a great way to keep your crafting Earth friendly.  Here are some fabulous crafts that you can enjoy, all while reducing, reusing, and recycling!

A bag dispenser made from a milk jug.
Milk Jug Bag Dispenser

Keep you old grocery bags contained and tidy while you store them for future use.

Air freshener
DIY Air Freshener

Use an old mason jar to hold a homemade air freshener.

A shopping bag made from old grocery bags.
Plarn Bag or a Bag Made from Bags

This handy tote is made from "plarn" or yarn made from grocery bags.


"Regifting" Crafts

Wrapping paper generates huge amount of waste every year and much of can't be recycled.  Make your own gift bags, boxes, and tags for small gifts.  You can upcycle scrap paper or old wrapping paper.

A mini gift bag
Mini Gift Bag
A little origami box
Small Folded Box
Quilled paper gift tags.
Quilling Flower Gift Tag




Here are some fun holiday crafts.  For Halloween, re-purpose mismatched socks to make cute ghosts decorations.  For Christmas, make fragrant orange and clove decorations (Compost them after the holidays).  For Easter, dye your eggs with all natural onion skin dye.

Ghost made from recycled cloth and sand.
Ghostly Yard Decorations
A orange clove ornament.
Clove Orange
Onion skin dyed Easter eggs
Onion Skin Dyed Easter Eggs


Four More Earth Friendly Craft Ideas

Homemade chapstickHomemade Lip Balm

No strange chemicals!

A bowl made from a pineapple.
Pineapple Fruit Bowl

Why buy another bowl?

Deodorizing tabletsDeodorizing Tabs

Easy to make and use!

A birdseed wreathBirdseed Wreath

A perfect, earth friendly gift for any occassion.